"Animal lovers are a special breed of humans, generous of spirit, full of empathy, perhaps a little prone to sentimentality, and with hearts as big as a cloudless sky"

I am not that kind of person who love it to be in the spotlight, but okay, this time I should make a exception. When I was born it must be direct clear, I am born to share my life with animals, love them to the fullest, protect them and give them a voice. From the moment that I make my first steps as child I was look and looking to the world of animals. Every dog or cat what I saw made a big smile on my face and give me bright eyes. If my parents had lost me, all they had to do was search for animals in the area and they would find me too. It was predictable that I would share my life with many animals and that I have now that life is for me the greatest wealth. I prefer to spend all my time with our animals, for me there is no nicer place to be than in Casa di Coontastic. There where is always life and joy, where hair tickles my nose and purring sound enters my ears. But animals and give them all the best of what they needed cost money, so I must of course sometimes leave our warm and peaceful home to go work. 3 afternoons and evenings during the week I work at a gas station. For me it is ideal to work these times because our animals will never be alone for long because when I go to work a little time later my husband comes back home. My husband works in water technology, he installs the best watering systems in gardens, but is also involved in the construction of swimming pools in gardens. My husband may also be in the spotlight, perhaps even more than me. Because without my sweet and wonderful husband there would also be no Coontastic Family. My dear husband who understands that animals make me happy and doesn't complain if I lose my heart again to a kitten.  He has grown in my passion and love, together with me he ensures that the cat toilets are clean, the house tidy and the sweethearts have always full food and water bowls. When I'm busy with the combs and brushes again, he shows his creative and handy side, so he always makes great things for our sweethearts, he easily builds the most beautiful cat runs and makes sure that everything in the house is safe. We share our live with animals, but it is our true love for each other that makes this possible and that is why he is the Love of my Life! 


My husband
My parents
Photo editing
Good food
Sweet white wine
Feel good movies


Animal suffering