PandeMia BillAndCoo

Born 27-03-2020 in Czech

Mother: Pocahontas BillAndCoo

Father: Yasan BillAndCoo

Blue Tortie Mackerel Tabby Bicolour

Pedigree PandeMia

PandeMia, but we call her "Pandie" a name with a special feeling for me! Pandie is the half sister of our sweety Black Joe and the happy sisters Happy FaceHappy ValentineHappy Easter, they are all from the same mother and Alexandra Mary is their big aunty. When this beautiful litter was born and I saw in the pictures that there were also two tortie kitties in the litter, my heart immediately made a dance of love. They looked like twins but still my feeling was there every time I saw Pandie, I had this from the beginning. Still, it was not easy to make a choice, because all the kittens are so wonderful and I am a libra, so make a choice between all this special miracles is not a easy thing for me! Until one night I dreamed about Pandie, after I woke up and started the day, this dream stayed in my mind all the time. Suddenly I was completely sure, Pandie, special sweet Pandie is our miracle and so the choice was made. When I look at Pandie I see my loving girl Terezekini (half sister) in her, but I also see Allie (aunty) in her, so it will certainly be that this little angel is going to be very special, because the sweethearts we have from the same mother are all great and special in character. Cuddly bear No Fear is also family of her, they share same lines from mother and father and they comes together with Princess Omnia.

Pandie is a dream, she is so a very sweet and happy girl. As I look to her I see so much same things as what I see also by her big sister Terezkini. For now she is not a girl who comes on my lap but she love cuddle and as I sit on the ground she is direct with me proud with her taile high in the air. She is very playfull girl, she love it to run and play with the other sweethearts, hunt on moths when the eveing falls and she play as crazy with the balltoy what we have in the playroom. For now she is a very big girl and I am very surious to see her development the coming months. Her color is a dream and I love the special look that she have! Pandie, my sweety, love her with whole my heart!


Pandie her mother is also the mother of Black JoeHappy FaceHappy Valentine & Happy Easter

Pandie her father is also the father of Can-Can

Pandie her grandfather is the father of Alexandra MaryNo FearWinnipeg and Yamaha

Pandie her second grandfather is the father of Black Joe and the grandfather of Princess Omnia and Winnipeg 

Pandie her great-grandfather is the father of Don Corleone 

Pandie her grandmother is the mother of No Fear and Yamaha

Pandie 9 months