Princess Omnia

Omnia BillAndCoo

Born 06-03-2020 in Czech

Mother: Happy Feet BillAndCoo

Father: Leaena Cookie Monster

Black Blotched Tabby White

Pedigree Omnia


Omnia, a perfect name for a perfect Princess! Omnia is a Arabic name for a girl and meaning "wish"or Perfection.. A scale used to describe sheer perfection, ranging from 1 to Omnia. Omnia being the highest! Blow out your candles and make an Omnia! I must confess that this time it was my husband who lost his heart to this beautiful girl. When he saw her first photos he was immediately in love and I understand this very well, because Omnia is definitely a dream girl! So I immediately told my husband that there is probably little chance that she could join us because she is really perfect, I suspect there would be a big chance that she would stay with the breeder. However, my husband decided to send a message and expressed his love for Omnia, a miracle happened because we got the news that Omnia may come to us! We are so thankful to Sarka for entrusting and giving us this wonderful dream girl! Omnia move not alone to us, she brings two wonderful friends with her No Fear & PandeMia.

Omni our wonderful sweet Princess! She is in all points a dream come true, yes she is beautiful but her character is gold! She is so a very sweet and calm girl and also as you close your eyes you can find her because you can hear her purring sound 24/7. Because she is so calm sweety she is not the girl who ask the attention fast but as she hear that I call her name she comes loud purring to me and she love the cuddles that she get. As I clean the cat toilets she is also always around me, than she ask her cuddles and rubs against me with her head and body. She love the playroom and as we not see her than she is sleep cozy in the play-tunnel. I am very curious to see the development of our dreamgirl but one thing is for sure and that is that we love her to the fullest!


Omnia her grandfather is the father of Black Joe 

Omnia her grandfather is the great-grandfather of Happy FaceHappy Valentine & Happy Easter

Omnia her great-grandfather is also the great-grandfather of Epic Boy

And Omnia share also a family line with Dreamboy Chicago his great-grandfather

Omnia 11,5 months