Happy Face

Happy Face BillAndCoo

Born 29-08-2019 in Czech

Mother: Pocahontas BillAndCoo

Father: U've Got IT BillAndCoo

Black Tortie Ticked Tabby

Pedigree Happy Face

Happy Face aka Pipina, this special girl stole my heart with her special sweet character! She come with her sisters and aunty on a special way in our live. A thing what again let see me that things in our live not always happend without reason and that setbacks can turn into miracles. When the breeder sent me a video and I saw Pipina how sweet and cuddly she was it was direct clear that she have my heart! Every time when I saw her pictures I see the same sweet and special look in her eyes as by her big brother Black Joe. I am so happy that this sweet girl stay forever together with her Happy Sisters and she is also the little niece of Alexandra Mary. Pipina is my special sweety, she looks so much as her big brother, she have the same character and same look in her eyes. She comes always for cuddles and then she hold proud her tail high in the air. She radiates calmness and love but when she play than she can run as a crazy clown. Pipina is my shadow, all what I do she is with me and she loves it to sleep with me on the bed. She loves the cat trapeze in the playroom, she can relax there for hours. She shows more times a day her full happiness by moving with her front paws as she is on my lap or in one of the cat beds, that is so very cute! Her character is gold and her looks are a dream! I am very excited to see how she develop in the future but one thing is for sure she is my sweet angel and she have my heart and full love forever!


Pipina her mother is also the mother of Black JoeHappy ValentineHappy Easter & PandeMia 

Pipina her grandmother is the mother of Alexandra Mary

Pipina her great-grandfather is the father of Black Joe and the grandfather of Princess Omnia & PandeMia

Pipina her grandfather is the father of Alexandra Mary & No Fear 

Pipina her great-grandfather is the father of Don Corleone

Happy Face almost 11 months