Big Fighter

Big Fighter of Tree Hill

Born 01-06-2018 in Belgium

Mother: Lynx Lynx Bubble Gum

Father: Americanlynx Uduray

Black Silver Blotched Tabby White

Pedigree Big Fighter

"A smiling face is a beautiful face, so keep smiling, because life is a beautiful thing and there is so much to smile about"

Big Fighter, my miracle of love, the one and only! His name fits him perfectly, because this sweetheart was born as the only survivor. He was born with a lynx tail and his story I read when he was 1 week young. I saw his picture and I was direct in love, so a wonderful miracle boy, so little, so brave and on that picture he let see a big smile what warms direct my heart. I read his story and that all his brothers and sisters where passed away after birth and that Fighter was the only surviver. I have send the breeder direct a message because Fighter did something special with my feeling and heart, and that he had a deficiency was for me absolutley no problem because for me all animals are perfect in who they are and deserve the best life and all the love! For me it was quick clear that this sweetheart can come to us when he is old enough and so it happend that we reserved him. When he was 6 weeks we visit him , a second miracle was happend because he shows beautiful blue eys and also when he was growing older the eyes stay blue. Genetically this should not be possible because both parents have no blue eyes and there are also no blue eyes in the family lines of his parents. We can say that he is the one and only, a treasure so as Fighter there is only 1 in the world. Later we decided to reserve also Dreamboy Chicago so that Fighter can come to us together with his big friend. Fighter is a very sweet and funny boy, he is very happy in the group with the other sweethearts, always busy with make fun and play a lot with all the others. Fighter is not a boy who comes on my lap, but he love attention and is always around us with his curious character. He is very curious, will not miss anything that happens in the house, he is everywhere with his nose. He love it as I play with him with a stick and a toy on it. He is big friends with all the sweethearts but our Epic Boy is his biggest friend. Despite his short tail he do all what the others also do but he can not move his tail and as we comb his coat we must always do his tail on a soft way and not move it to hard. When Fighter was home we see that he have some problems with tear eyes, we visit the vet with him and they discovered that his eye canals are not well developed but he had no problems with it, it give him no pain and he can just grow old with it. We clean his eyes more times a week now he is older, when he was kitten we must do it 2 times a day so it go better with it during his growing up. Fighter have a wonderful strong muzzle, his coat is soft and shining. We see by him a big difference in his body as with our other sweethearts. He is not a big boy but he is sturdy as a bulldog, he has very short legs that are also very sturdy and he does not really have a profile, his nose rises in one line. But for me he is beautiful in all points and he is in my heart very deep, we are so happy and thankful that he is with us. He give us always a smile of love as he play and running and his cuddles are heart warming! Below of this page you can see 2 pictures from Fighter his tail when he was a baby.


Fighter his father is also the father of Don Juan Samos & Dream like Madonna and the grandfather of Epic Boy

Big Fighter almost 2 years