Prince Amaro

Simsalabim's Amaro

Born 08-01-2018 in Germany

Mother: Sivkjær's Candelina

Father: Simsalabim's Escudo


Pedigree Prince Amaro

"Love and kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see."

Our soft cuddly sweetheart Prince Amaro! He is from the same mother as our sweetheart King of my Heart. After the birth of this litter we reserved Amaro his brother Lion King Leonido because Amaro and his white brother Prince Faro where reserved for breeding. But on a day we get a message from the breeder that Amaro is deaf and therefore he is not suitable for breeding. It was immediately clear for us that he moved to us together with his brother Leonido. It was a little exciting for us because we have no experience with a deaf cat but Amaro showed us right from the first day that his deaf is no restriction at all!! You would not say that he is deaf, he does it perfect in the group, he know immediately when the food will be served or when it is candy time. He is big friends with all our cats and more times a day he comes to me loudly meowing and then it's cuddling time.He is a very affectionated boy, he can cuddle on my lap a whole day long. I learn him some hand gestures and he is very clever, when I make a special move with my hand he comes direct walking to me because he know that this move with the hand means or he wil come to me. Because he is deaf he hear also not his own voice, so he meows always very loud haha! Amaro is my Angel Boy, he is so soft and calm, a very perfect boy! I love his beautiful looks, for me he is the most perfect in his looks from the brothers, he have a wonderful muzzle with a perfect profile, a strong body, he is a very big boy and his ears are also perfect. He have a full and thick coat, therefore his coat needs more care than his brothers because he have tangles quickly. Although he can't hear me, I just talk to him just like all our other sweethearts. I am convinced that he also feels the vibrations, he always looks at me when I talk to him and starts purring loudly and talking back to me.I am so so happy that he is with us together with his two brothers and I love him with my whole heart! I would take without doubt another deaf boy with all my heart in the future, because with Amaro I now see that these cats are extremely sweet, smart and highly sensitive, which makes them angels on earth. 

In mid-January 2022, our Amaro did not seem like himself, he was calmer and he had also lost a lot of weight in a short time. It was strange because we couldn't notice anything about "sick" about him, good stools, no vomiting, no fever and no sneezing or coughing or other signals. I didn't trust it and so we made an appointment with our vet which would be the next day. I decided to start feeding him with a syringe Hills A/D with nutribound so that he gets nutrition several times a day, luckily he did drink himself and because he does not vomit, he also kept the fluid and nutrition in his body. That night we had set our alarms several times so we could check on him but luckily he remained stable and still without a fever. The next morning he suddenly started vomiting and I was extra happy that we had already planned the appointment with our vet that day. At the vet he was a wonderful sweetheart, they could examine him without any problems and he did not bother for a second. The vet felt something in his stomach/intestines and so I insisted that x-rays be taken. There was indeed something visible on the x-rays, but the vet didn't think it was clear enough and therefore wanted an ultrasound to be made. Unfortunately, this was not possible in our own practice and it was already the end of the afternoon, but after many phone calls we managed to have an ultrasound done urgently at another clinic. During this time of investigations, it was also visible that Amaro was getting worse and that he was getting sicker in a short time. On the ultrasound it became clear that there was talk of pancreatitis and that the gallbladder and liver also showed abnormalities "triatitis". It was decided to take him to the clinic urgently and so we took him back to our own vet. I've shed a lot of tears, having to leave my sweetheart in the clinic like this, it broke my heart! He immediately received an IV, several drugs such as Bupreadine, Cerenia and Clavaseptin. The next day, of course, I immediately went to visit him again, he looked alert and cheerful and was my trusted cuddly sweetheart. The vet also thought it was surprising that he was not much sicker because most cats with this disease are much worse off. But unfortunately he still didn't want to eat anything himself and so he had to stay in the clinic anyway. Visited again the second day and he still wouldn't eat on his own, I told the vet that this could also be the environment and that he might eat at home. Because Amaro also remained stable that day and had not become sicker, he was allowed to go home at the end of the day! But what I hoped unfortunately didn't happen, he still didn't want to eat anything himself, otherwise he was himself, although of course he slept much more than usual. Because he didn't want to eat anything, I fed him with a syringe every two hours so that he did get nutrition. The next day he ate raw rabbit mix and I was so happy that he at least wanted to eat some of his own! He didn't eat large portions and throughout the day he only got to the 65 grams of meat he ate, but every bite made me very happy! In addition to the meat, I also continued to feed him with a syringe. He was also still on the 3 types of drugs. Two days later a check-up at the vet, he was very happy with how Amaro was doing, despite the fact that he did not want to eat much himself, his recovery seemed positive, so we were also allowed to reduce his pain medication from 3x a day to 1x a day. day. We also started making fresh pollock and he loved it, so now he got it several times a day. 4 days later he was allowed to stop taking the painkillers and also the antibiotics. He still did not want to eat hard food himself, not even wet food, but he did eat small portions of pollock and raw rabbit mix about 100 grams per day and we supplemented this with syringes of nutrition Hills A/D with nutribound. Because of this we at least managed to keep his weight stable, he didn't gain any weight yet, but he didn't lose any weight either! A few days later, a checkup ultrasound at the vet, surprising was that the pancreas and gallbladder looked much better, the liver was still abnormal with some spots that were visible, but this can sometimes occur more often after pancreatitis. Despite the fact that Amaro still doesn't want to eat his normal food, the vet was positive and so we were allowed to stop his last medication Cerenia. I thought of Amaro and his brothers eating baby chicken every day for their first year with us and that they loved it. So we went to the special store to buy it and see if Amaro wanted to eat it. It turned out to be a success because he screamed like a happy boy when he saw the baby chickens. And from that moment on he started eating large portions, after 1 day we could already stop supplementary feeding through syringe because he ate 300 grams of raw rabbit mix and baby chickens per day. We are now 15 days further and every day he ate above 300 grams of this food and the last days even above 400 grams per day! He still doesn't eat hard food so we feed him his raw meat and baby chickens 4x a day and this is going very well. March 9th he will have another checkup ultrasound and then we will also see what his liver looks like now. For now we are very positive and we hope that he will also remain stable from now on. He has now also gained more than 500 grams of body weight and is his cheerful cuddly self every day. 


Amaro is doing very well, he slowly started eating the hard food on his own again and every day a little more and more. Eventually he stopped eating his raw meat and that was a sign for us that he was feeding himself enough with the hard food. So now everything is back to the way it was before he got sick and even in a short time he has regained all the weight he lost. I am very proud of my brave white teddy bear and I hope he never get a relapse! In any case, we are very positive for now.


Amaro his mother is also the mother of King of my HeartLion King Leonido & Prince Faro

Amaro his father is also the father of Lion King Leonido & Prince Faro

Amaro his grandmother is also the grandmother of Jon Snow

Amaro his grandfather is also the grandfather of Jon Snow

Amaro his great-great grandfather is the great-grandfather of Don Juan Samos & Dream like Madonna

Prince Amaro 2 years