Prince Faro

Simsalabim's Faro

Born 08-01-2018 in Germany

Mother: Sivkjær's Candelina

Father: Simsalabim's Escudo

White (Odd Eyed)

Pedigree Prince Faro

"A little simple secret, It's only with the heart that one can see rightly that what is essential is invisible to the eye."

The wonderful white Prince and the Angel of my heart! I love this wonderful sweet boy so so much! The day that this litter was born we reserved Lion King Leonido because the two white brothers where reserved for breeding. Later we hear about Prince Amaro who was deaf and decided that he comes also to us. And then comes the day that we read in a message from the breeder about that Faro has a serious deviation on his back (his spine is very crooked), a deviation/fusion that he was born with, but as a result he was not suitable for breeding. We were very committed to him, especially because two of his brothers would move to us! We looked at the X-rays, have ask information from a specialist and our vet and  we came to the conclusion that Faro certainly can have a good life with this deviation. We send a message to the breeder that we would like to let Faro forever together with his brothers and that he can also come live with us. Faro have had a BAER-test and he is not deaf, he hears 100% with both ears. I am so happy with this special boy, Faro is so a very sweet and happy boy, he love it to cuddle on my lap for hours and hours and sleep always close to me in bed. When I am talking to him he meow loud to me and enjoys the attention. He is friendly and playful to all our sweethearts and besides his wonderful character he is also very beautiful! I call him sometimes Mr. muzzle muzzle because he have so a beautiful muzzle. As I look in his two colored eyes I feel so much love. As we get new kittens in the group than he need some time to see or he can trust them, they must win his heart and when they have his trust than he do all for them on a sweet way. Funny is that he is one of the boys who are direct all the time around new kittens, he will see all what they do and follow them in the whole house. He love all the Coontastic Sweethearts but as he will not play or will some private time for his own than he let it know to the others with a heavy grunt haha and with effect because than they give him his private space. It was exciting for us to see how his back would develop during his growth, especially because he grew very fast and he is a very big boy! But we can say that he is doing very well and to this day we do not notice any negative things about his back. He does everything exactly like all our other sweethearts, the only thing that makes him different is that you feel his crooked fusion of the back when you rub his back. X-Ray pictures that are made when he was kitten you can see on the below side of this page. I love my white Angel to the moon and back and I am blessed that he and his brothers are forever together with us.


Faro his mother is also the mother of King of my HeartLion King Leonido & Prince Amaro

Faro his father is also the father of Lion King Leonido & Prince Amaro

Faro his grandmother is also the grandmother of Jon Snow

Faro his grandfather is also the grandfather of Jon Snow

Faro his great-great grandfather is the great-grandfather of Don Juan Samos & Dream like Madonna

Prince Faro 13 months