Enchanting Angel

Big-Hannibals Enchanting Angel

Born 09-06-2016 in Germany

Mother: No Vella Airish Coon 

Father: Big-Hannibal Blue Hunter

Black Solid

Pedigree Enchanting Angel

This wonderful sweet Angel is the sister of D'Amore Federico. I waited for the birth of this litter for a black smoke miracle and when they were born I was allowed to give the kittens in this litter their name. I honestly say that we did not immediately choose Angel, first I choose Rico and his black smoke sister. After weeks of countdown the breeder message me or it is maybe possible that I change my mind, because she will hold the black smoke girl for her breeding and or I will maybe take Angel so that the smoke girl can stay in the cattery. I found it a difficult situation, because I had been dreaming for a long time about a black smoke kitten and I was so in love with the smoke kitten. At that time, I also did not want to oppose the breeder, so I decided to agree, but instead of choosing Angel, I chose Precious Firebird. But as often the case with me, fate conjured Angel into our live and she moved with her brother Rico to Casa di Coontastic. Afterwards I am very happy that it went like this and that she is in our live! Angel is a very soft and purring girl, she has a relaxed character and play with the boys and pretends she's also a boy. She is a big and strong girl and her coat is wonderful black and soft, she have not a very long coat which gives the advantage that she almost never has tangles. I love the look that she has, she has a big and strong muzzle but because she is black it is not always well visible on pictures. She is a modest girl who does not put herself in the foreground, she will not demand attention out  herself but when I call her name she comes to me and makes sweet, cheerful sounds, then she loves it when I hug her, she enjoys it to the fullest and when she looks me in the eyes I only see love. Angel is the perfect group cat, she loves all the sweethearts, she is always close to them and can play with them for hours and hours. I am very happy that this sweet soft girl is with us and that she is for the rest of her life together with her brother.


Angel her mother is also the mother of D'Amore Federico and the grandmother of Laguna SurpriseSamuray MerlinSpecial One SinatraPurr'Fect HeroFlash GordonSweet VinzentSweet Vancouver & Simple Obsession

Angel her father is also the father of D'Amore FedericoMidnight Jewel & Magical Surprise

Angel her grandfather is the father of Siddhi of LoveMr. BojanglesMagic ThunderChapman Mr. DreamyCountdown Pablo & Samuray Merlin and the grandfather of Flash GordonSweet VinzentSweet Vancouver & Precious Firebird

Enchanting Angel 4 years