Countdown Pablo

Big-Hannibals Countdown

Born 02-05-2015 in Germany

Passed Away on 19-11-2017

Mother: Big-Hannibal Honey Pie

Father: Timaracoon Di Caprio

Blue Silver Spotted Tabby

Pedigree Countdown Pablo

My beautiful sweetheart Pablo, I was immediately in love when I saw his first picture when he was just a few days. I am so happy that I followed my feelings and that we reserved this sweet boy! He is not only every day more and more beautiful he is also my sweet boy with a very soft character. He is the best friends with everyone in home, it is so sweet to see how he comes to a sleeping coonfriend and how he lying close to them for hugging, than you can hear his hard purring. From the moment that he was home he see Inanna Aruba as his mother, she washes him and give him a lot of love and attention. Pablo is a modest boy but as kitten he was also very playfull together with his brother Dreamy. When I make the food for the cats than he is on the forground, he love eating. He love it to cuddle with me on my lap and is always close to me in bed. He is a soft and relaxed boy and shine a peaceful love as you look to him. From the moment that Pablo was home we saw that he had some problems with 1 ear. We visit the vet and saw a lot of dirty in his ear, so we get ear ointment to treat his ear. But this did not give a good result, his problems with the ear were not healed. We visited a good ear specialist with him and he examined his ear under anesthesia. There he discovered several polyps in his ear and some of them behind his eardrum. The specialist removed it immediately and we were happy that we had finally found the reason of the problems with his ear. After his operation the problems stay away and we where happy that the polyps have not caused any lasting damage.


 Pablo his father is also the father of Chapman Mr. DreamySiddhi of LoveMr. BojanglesMagic Thunder & Samuray Merlin and the grandfather of Flash GordonSweet VinzentSweet VancouverD'Amore FedericoEnchanting AngelMidnight JewelPrecious Firebird & Magical Surprise

 Pablo his mother is also the mother of Chapman Mr. Dreamy and the grandmother of Flash GordonSweet VinzentSweet Vancouver & Magical Surprise

 Pablo his grandfather is also the grandfather of Mr. BojanglesMidnight Jewel & Precious Firebird and the great-grandfather of Laguna Surprise & Special One Sinatra

 Pablo his grandmother is the mother of Siddhi of Love & Simple Obsession and the grandmother of Precious Firebird 

Pablo 12 months


Goodbye my love
Goodbye my friend
Remember me
Remember us and
All the moments
We have share

My wonderful sweetheart Pablo was sleeping by us in the livingroom, not sick, has eat in the morning, he was happy so as always and 30 minutes for his dead he was look to our food what we eat so as he always did. He was that morning fine, in a movie that I make that morning of him a little time before he passed away, he was relaxing in the trapeze, it was a place that he love always to relaxing and in the movie you see that he was happy and he was look to King and Jon Snow how they play. After that he was sleep in the livingroom, and I was on the couch. I hear him short moaning softly 2 times in his sleep, I go look to him because I thought he is dreaming, I feel his head and on that moment I feel become him completely limp and hear his last breath! I scream to Louis and he beginning direct with resuscitate him and I call with the vet on the same time. The vet say Louis did it good but after a time of resuscitate she ask or Louis will look to Pablo his eyes , pupils completely widely, Louis must tap the eye with his finger and the eye give no reaction. Look in his mouth, tongue was blue. The vet say he is really dead and I was broken!

Cardiac arrest, the vet on the phone say that it was good that I was with him so that I have exact see how it was go. On that moment I can not explain my feeling, as you see how your husband resuscitate one of your childeren (yes for us they are our childeren) that is a view what you never forget. In January this year exactly the same has happened with our sweetheart Sinatra, only he was on that moment not sleep but he walking and got a cardiac arrest. Yes both boys where totaly fine before the passed away, they have had no pain and the passed away was very fast. But 1 year and 2 year is too young.

And now we must give this tears a place in our heart, we have give his urn a place in the livingroom by his friends Sinatra and Maggie. I miss my sweetheart so much, he was every evening on my lap for cuddling, purring and pedaling with his paws.

Thank you my sweetheart that you was in my life and that we have share so much wonderful memories together! From now I should thinking about you every time as I look in the eyes of your brother Chapman Mr. Dreamy! Never I forget you and in my heart you live forever and one day I see you back and then we are all back together.

I am broken without you and miss you so so much!