Dream like Madonna

Dream like Madonna of Tree Hill

Born 04-08-2018 in Belgium

Mother: Honeydevils Taylor Dayne

Father: Americanlynx Uduray

Black Tortie White

Pedigree Dream like Madonna

Donna (so as we call her) is the sister of Don Juan Samos. For a long time I waited for a dream tortie girl, sometimes we thought we had found the dream, but luck was not always on our side. Sometimes they were already reserved, sometimes they were only for breeding and not for pet and sometimes our feeling in the contact was not good. But on the 4th of August our dream was born! When I saw the pictures of her I immediately had to think "She's like Madonna" because she has a black spot above her lip and with her eyes it seems she played with eye pencil. So we choose the name Dream like Madonna and the name seems to fit her well she looks like a little sweet Diva. The first time we visited Donna for a cuddle visit, she didn't like me at all, at least, she just didn't pay attention to me while her sister was around me all the time and was purring on my lap. Every time we went to visit this was the same but still I was in love with her. And since the first day that she was with us at home her character changed and she was direct full affection to me, purring, cuddly and all the time around me! She enchanted me since that moment with her love and let see that it was a purrfect choice to falling in love with her. She is the wonderful Princess of my heart, I love her so so much!! She is a big dream come true, in looks but also in her character. She is very special for me with her purring sweet cuddles she makes me in love again and again! She let me smile as I see her happy running with her long tail high in the air. She is big friends with all the Coontastic sweethearts and she play with the boys on a hard way or that she is also a boy. She is very cool but with a wonderfully beautiful and loving heart. Donna is a big girl, strong and long body and a wonderful soft thick coat, her muzzle is strong and she have beautiful two color lynxtips on the ears. For me she is a dreamgirl in all points and I am very happy that she color our live with her beautiful sweet tortie color and character.


Some weeks ago Donna starts with close her eye, the eye was not wet, not dirty and was not look infected. We visit the vet with her and he found a damage to her retina. It was caused by hairs stinging in her eye and the vet saw that she have entropion on her lower eyelid. She get eye ointment and we made an appointment for her entropion operation. She had this operation on 15-12-2020 and now we have to wait for the eye to heal and recover properly. For the next few days she has a collar around her neck so that she cannot touch her eye and on Christmas Day (maybe earlier) it can be taken off and then everything will be back to normal for her and us. I am very proud of my girl, she undergoes all this so well and peacefully and I am also very proud of our pack because they are all very sweet to her. We hope for a good recovery and that her eye will be completely perfect again.


Donna her mother is also the mother of Don Juan Samos

Donna her father is also the father of Don Juan Samos,  Big Fighter and he is the grandfather of Epic Boy

Donna her great-grandfather is also in the family line of Mr. BojanglesChapman Mr. DreamyCountdown PabloLaguna SurpriseSpecial One SinatraFlash GordonSweet VinzentSweet VancouverMidnight JewelPrecious Firebird & Magical Surprise

Donna her great-grandfather is the great-great-grandfather of King of my HeartJon SnowLion King LeonidoPrince Amaro & Prince Faro

Donna 21 months