"Don't treat animals as animals. Treat them as living beings because that's what they are! Animals are born who they are, accept it and that is that. Respect the way they are and than they fill your life and heart forever with love."

Casa Di Coontastic is the place where every animal can be who he or she is and where love is the magic word! Casa di Coontastic originated from my internet name Nantastic that I used for years. Since our loving Coon group grew and we get many followers online, I came up with the name Coontastic and now it is a name that many people in the world of the Maine Coons know and recognize. In Casa di Coontastic all animals live in loving harmony, as pets and we are lucky and rich that we can live together with them. All the sweethearts are neutered en we not breed with them! we often get the question why we have such beautiful Maine Coons and don't breed with them and that question is easy to answer! The reason we don't breed is because I couldn't do this at all! I would immediately lose my heart as soon as a miracle is born. And then 16 weeks with all my love take care of them give them all the best and after that we must give them to someone else? I would cry, cry and break my heart by every sweetheart that move. Add to that the fact that my faith in humanity is not so big, and I read so often bad experiences from breeders, disappointments, no, that would not make me happy! But of course I am happy that there are people who can do this and I admire that too!

But let me come back to the subject of Casa di Coontastic. For us it is important that our furry children have a good living environment. This means that we have no enclosed spaces in the house except for two spaces that we find dangerous for them. These are the bathroom (medicines, toilet articles that can be harmful or toxic) and the small hall at the front door because the step to the big danger outside is than small. Step by step we always try to create and build more and more possibilities in the house that make it even more perfect for our animals. Consider playgrounds, but also the place in the garden where they can safely enjoy the outdoors. We do this through two large and safe cat runs and a safe covered area where they can walk freely. For the people who think we live in a huge house, I can clearly say that this is certainly not. But it is mainly because we have the house so open for them without forbidden places that we create space where they have the opportunity to run, play, but also that they can find a quiet place to rest if they want to. We think that this is also an important part of a stable group. It is always good to know your animals and to be able to read them, but this is especially important by a large group of animals. I have senses that make me aware when something is wrong, that can be a certain sound that is not standard, but even if one of our animals is not hiself, I always notice this very quickly. Some people think that when you have a large group of animals, the animals cannot be happy. A prejudice of ignorance! Because I really see happy animals every day and I dare to say that if someone knows animals and understand them that it is me, I would immediately notice if an animal is not happy and will certainly not be selfish if I see that in our house. I have been to many catteries, but also to many people with fewer animals, and unfortunately I have often seen unhappy animals there, I let many tears for a lot of these animals and I often felt powerless when I looked and saw in their eyes their sadness. At such moments I also felt anger, anger because I could not promise them that a better life would come, anger because I could not take them in my arms. Man's prejudices and ignorance is something I try to ignore, although this is sometimes difficult, but all I have to do is sit on the floor in our house, and many of our sweethearts joining me and what I see makes me forget human ignorance. Believe me when I say that it is not impossible to keep many cats together in a house without fighting or unhappiness! But you have to speak the language of the animals, invest a lot of your time from day one, do not expect or demand anything from your animals and pay attention daily and keep their rituals in honor and above all radiate a lot of love. With these important points you can create a paradise. Learn to understand that animals all have their own character and also give them the space and freedom to be who they are, then you will have happy animals around you every day.

Later I will further develop this page, than I will tell also more about the food and care of our Coontastic Sweethearts.