Epic Boy

Epic of Tree Hill

Born 20-08-2018 in Belgium

Mother: Winter Rose of Tree Hill

Father: Vanilla Sky of Tree Hill

Blue Tortie White

Pedigree Epic Boy

"There is an epic love story between the flowers and the sun and you let see in poetic form how they touch each other."

In 2018 a miracle was born to the breeder, our sweet special boy Big Fighter. Born with a lynx tail and with beautiful blue eyes! It turns out to be a magical year for us because another miracle was born! A tortie male called Epic! When we visited the breeder my husband had it all the time about Epic on the way back home... very special because normally I am the person of the two of us who falls in love. But Epic was in option, so I told to my husband that it is an unattainable love! A short time later I saw that Epic was available again, I was thinking, thinking again, knowing that my husband likes him so much. I decided to send a message to the breeder, that I think about letting him live with us as a surprise for my husband. But the breeder send me that he is in option again! Never be able to think about that my sweet husband all this had already been arranged as a birthday surprise for me!! And the breeder of course could not betray that to me, so she must for a short time break my heart! It was my husband's intention that I would hear this big surprise some days later on my Birthday, but my message to the breeder about Epic in combination with my sad eyes made it that my husband had to tell it earlier! So I got a message from the breeder that I had to look under my pillow... You should have seen my face hahaha!!! Under my pillow?? I say to my husband "I think she send a message for her husband accidentally to me" Hahaha!! Now go and look said my husband.. I walk to the bedroom, look under the pillow and see an envelope... I open it... A note "Of course you become the Epic Mommy" and a big heart under it!! I jumped, I danced, was so so so happy!!! So once again I will say thank you so so much to my sweetest husband! What is also very special and beautiful is that Epic has family lines in his pedigree that are equal to the family lines from many of our sweethearts. Epic is a wonderful sweet boy, always happy and he love cuddling. Where I am there is Epic , when I am on the sofa he is direct with me on my lap and as he hear his name "Eppie" he comes running to me on his funny way. He is very affectionated and wash always my hands, then he take my hand between his little paws and wash me until he falling in sleep. Epic is not a big boy but he have a beautiful long coat with a wonderful collar. Since the day that he is with us he get after eating with all the others a portion kitten wetfood, he is not longer a kitten but he get it every day again because it makes him so happy, and he know it, first he eat with the others and after that he meow loud and happy to let us know that it is time for his portion kitten food. Epic is always happy and as I look to him I have always a big smile on my face, he is my sweet clown. I love my sweet baby, I know he is not longer a little kitten but for me he stay forever my sweet little baby boy. 


Epic his grandfather is the father of Big FighterDon Juan Samos & Dream like Madonna

Epic his other grandfather is the father of Dreamboy Chicago

Epic his great-grandfather is also in the family line of Princess Omnia

Epic his other great-grandfather is also the great-grandfather of Princess Omnia

Epic Boy 10 months