Don Corleone

Don Corleone BillAndCoo

Born 21-03-2019 in Czech

Mother: Robusti Marietta Olimpian

Father: Mainelynx Dario

Black Silver Ticked Tabby White

Pedigree Don Corleone

Don Corleone but we call him always Karel Karlito. We have been following his breeder on Facebook for a long time and soon I saw that this woman is a special and rare kind of person in breeder world and that I mean in the best positive way. Her cats fascinated me again and again when I saw them on pictures and in her messages I noticed sincerity, honesty and love. After talking with my husband we decided to send her a personal message and asking or she maybe have kittens available. I found it a little bit exciting, because I already knew that this unique woman is very selective in selecting new houses for her kittens. But a very nice, honest and positive conversation followed and when she told me which kittens were still available, it was Don Corleone who immediately jumped in my heart. Our sweetheart Karel Karlito and as I say Karlito then I say "Dreamboy" ! This wonderful sweetheart is in all points a dream come true. Yes his looks are beautiful, his color wonderful but his character is also amazing! He is so funny, a real happy clown, sometimes it looks or he play 24/7 haha! But he is also very affectionated and cuddly, he comes to my lap always and where I am there you see also Karlito. He see all as a big adventure without fear. He is full of trust and as I pick him up he is totaly relaxed in my arms and looks proud high with his head in the air. Every night he is close to me in bed and he love it to hunt on my toes. He is a big boy, long but strong body, wonderful long and full tail, his silver color is amazing to see especialy in the sun it shine so beautiful! His coat is long and soft as satin, and his collar is the most of the time curly like a sheep haha! He came together with Black Joe to Casa di Coontastic and although they are different in character, they were best friends. Karlito was always the first one of the two to discover something new and Joey immediately followed his friend. Karlito is friends with everyone, he is a boy who likes everything and turns everything into a big party. He is best friends with Dreamboy Chicago, they play like real men and together they are the best in mischief. I am so very happy that we decided to send a message to Sarka (his breeder), a positive and new world opened up for us. It has given us so much love and positivity. That Karlito is in our life that is something that we cherish every day! I love my sweet funny clown to the moon and back!


Karlito his father is the great-grandfather of  Black JoeHappy FaceHappy ValentineHappy Easter & PandeMia 

Karlito his mother is the grandmother of Can-Can

Karlito 12 months