Laguna Surprise

Big-Hannibals Laguna Surprise

Born 23-08-2015 in Germany

Mother: Conikacoon Magdalena

Father: Big-Hannibal Mc Kinley

Black Tortie Smoke

Pedigree Laguna Surprise

Sweety Luna, she is absolutely my tortie smoke Dream. When I saw the first pictures of her I was already in love and each week she was more and more beautiful. I am so grateful that she is in my life, yes she is beautiful and perfect with a beautiful coonlook, but she is also the sweetest coon female that I know. She is so gentle and cuddly, that makes her for me the most perfect! She is always close to me when I am in bed, then she is with her tail high in the air and give she the best of the best cuddles. She is in love with the dogs and cuddle a lot with them and she playing with the boys as if she is also a boy. She is very sweet for all the other coons also with the females and she is in love with Magic Thunder, they are so sweet and they talk in purring sweet sounds to each other. She is the most together with our other girls and if we have a kitten at home she takes care of it like a super mom. She has a beautiful long and soft coat with a lot of smoke, a long and full tail and she can look with the purrfect coonlook. She reminds me a lot to her mother, she is passed away when Luna was a baby, in the look of Luna and in her character she lives and that makes Luna double special. She is the half sister of Special One Sinatra (same father) so after his death by a cardiacarrest we took her to one of the best heart specialists for a heart screening. We were relieved and happy that this test was good for now and that her heart have no signs of problems, but we will certainly repeat the screening in the future as a check. We regularly receive requests from people for a kitten from Luna. When the breeder saw how Luna developed in our photos, she also asked us or we didn't want to breed 1 litter with Luna and then with our Flash Gordon as father. Then 1 kitten from the litter would go to the breeder and the others in the litter would stay with us. But my feeling was not good with this idea and afterwards I am very happy that we did not do it, our Luna is neutered just like all our other sweethearts.


Luna her father is also the father of Special One Sinatra 

Luna her grandfather is the father of Precious Firebird

Luna her grandmother is the mother of D'Amore Federico & Enchanting Angel  and the grandmother of Samuray MerlinPurr'Fect HeroFlash GordonSweet VinzentSweet Vancouver & Simple Obsession 

Luna her great-grandmother is the mother of Magic Thunder, the grandmother of Mr. Bojangles & Midnight Jewel and the great-grandmother of Flash Gordon

Luna 4 years