Winnipeg BillAndCoo

Born 17-03-2021 in Czech

Mother: Happy Feet BillAndCoo

Father: Galliano by Imagine Glamour

Black Mackerel Tabby Bicolour

Pedigree Winnipeg

Our sweet little miracle Winnipeg aka Piggie! When you look in his eyes you melt with love and immediately when I saw his first picture I fell in love and my heart jumped.

3 August 2021 I made the long travel with car to Czech for pick up our sweet boy. In 2 days I travel 2000 kilometer and spend 24 hours in the car, but every kilometer and minute were definitely worth it! Piggie is a amazing boy in all points! On the way in the car to home he was so very brave and not one second in stress. When he was home he did or that he was always here, from the first minute he was happy purring and walking with his tail high in the air. He is a boy with a gentle character, everything is a party for him and playing is his life. Like a dog, he happily walks up to us when he sees us and his tail is always high in the air like an atenne. He is friends with everyone, likes it when the other cats give him attention and bathe him, but he can also entertain himself very well on his own and every toy he sees creates a happy party with him. He is always near us and as soon as you sit on the couch or in bed he is with you, his purring sounds are music to our ears and he can cuddle like the best. For now he has a soft shiny coat, his tail is enormously long and his nice full tips on his ears are amazing. We are very curious about his development in the coming months but one thing is for sure his beautiful golden eyes shine the color of his heart and character, for us he is GOLD!


Winnipeg his mother is also the mother of Princess Omnia

Winnipeg his father is also the father of Alexandra MaryNo Fear and Yamaha and the grandfather of Black JoeHappy FaceHappy ValentineHappy Easter and PandeMia

Winnipeg his grandfather is the father of Black Joe and the grandfather of PandeMia and Can-Can and the great grandfather of Happy FaceHappy Valentine and Happy Easter

Winnipeg his great grandfather is also the great grandfather of Epic Boy

Winnipeg 8 months