Happy Easter

Happy Easter BillAndCoo

Born 29-08-2019 in Czech

Mother: Pocahontas BillAndCoo

Father: U've Got IT BillAndCoo

Black Tortie Ticked Tabby Harlequin

Pedigree Happy Easter

Happy Easter aka Terezka when she was born and I saw the first pictures she was direct one of my favorites, for me she is a dreamgirl! Every time by see her on new pictures my love for her was more and more, so on the day that the breeder told me that she can come live by us my big dream comes true and my heart was in fire! We are so happy that she stay forever together with her two sisters. She is from the same mother as our big love Black Joe and the little niece of Alexandra Mary. Terezka is a happy girl and she have things the same as her aunty Alinka. They makes the same sounds and are also very close with eachoter. She loves toys with feathers , she takes it in her mouth and then proudly walks it through the house. She is also curious, always comes to see what is going on and although she is still so tired, when she sees that others are playing, she must be there! She is my loud purring sweetheart, always purring and she loves it to sleep close to me when I am in bed. In her look and also in her character I see a lot of her aunty Allie, I love her wonderful long and colorful tortie tail and I am very surious to see her development. As I call her name she comes direct proud with her tail high in the air and than she love the attention and cuddles. For me she is one of my biggest dreams comes true and every time as I look at her I remember that miracles exist and happen!



Terezka her mother is also the mother of Black JoeHappy ValentineHappy Face & PandeMia 

Terezka her grandmother is the mother of Alexandra Mary

Terezka her great-grandfather is the father of Black Joe and the grandfather of Princess Omnia & PandeMia

Terezka her grandfather is the father of Alexandra Mary & No Fear 

Terezka her great-grandfather is the father of Don Corleone



Happy Easter 14 months