No Fear

No Fear BillAndCoo

Born 04-03-2020 in Czech

Mother: Madame Butterfly BillAndCoo

Father: Galliano by Imagine Glamour

Blue Blotched Tabby White

Pedigree No Fear

No fear, but we call him Meda what means cuddly bear and what fits him perfect! When I visited the breeder (and our friend) in 2019 to pick up our Happy Sisters and Alinka I fell in love with a special kitten that stole my heart. This special moment did not let go and stayed in my mind, I was hoped that the kitten might be able to live with us after all, but she was reserved and so I had to let go my hope and thoughts. Together with the breeder we decided that if the mother of the kitten would be pregnant again, we could choose a kitten from that litter. It was a magical day when I received a message from the breeder that the cat was pregnant, I was so happy!!  I hoped that one would be born especially for me. And that day came, the special day that wonderful Babette give birth to 3 little miracle boys. When I saw the first video and photos I immediately felt it, between two black tabby babies was a blue tabby miracle, my heart was immediately warmed by love! Actually I knew immediately, this is a Nanda miracle..  And every time I saw him again and again I felt it, sometimes you know and feel that they are born with a reason. 

Meda his name is all what he is, a big sweet cuddly bear! He is my stalker, always around me and when he see that I sit than he is direct on my lap. He talk whole story's to me with his sweet soft sound and as we cuddle he let hear a wonderful purring. He is friends with alll the other sweethearts and also with the dogs he have no problem at all. His paws are very big and as he walking he looks as a King haha! The day that I pick him up and saw him for the first time in real I had tears in my eyes, from happiness, because this boy is so very special for me, in my feeling, from the first moment that he was born. I believe this miracle sweety is absolutley born special for us. I am so thankful and happy that he is with us and I love him to the moon and back! I am very surious to see his development the coming months but for me he have it all!


No Fear his father is also the father of Alexandra MaryWinnipeg and Yamaha and the grandfather of Black JoeHappy FaceHappy ValentineHappy Easter & PandeMia 

No Fear his mother is the grandmother of PandeMia and Can-Can

No Fear his great-grandfather is also the great-grandfather of Black Joe

Meda 11,5 months