Black Joe

Black Joe BillAndCoo

Born 27-02-2019 in Czech

Mother: Pocahontas BillAndCoo

Father: Echo of Magic Afterglow

Black Blotched Tabby

Pedigree Black Joe

"Where is hope there is faith and where is faith miracles happen."

Joey, my Angel! You must have seen Joey in real life to understand that he is very special. Every time when I look into his eyes I see a soul that knows and understands so much. His sensitive and calm nature and the interaction with our other sweethearts is so wonderful and beautiful to see. But he can also be naughty, sweet naughty and when you look at him he pretends that he knows nothing and looks me deep in the eyes with his beautiful big viewers. When we eat our diner he is direct with me, than he sit calm and looks with his beautiful sweet eyes to me and I cannot resist this so he get always a little of our food. He is not a boy what comes on our lap but he love it to sleep with us in bed and he love it also to hunt our toes under the blanket. As I talk to him than he hold his tail high in the air and he enjoy the cuddles that I give him. He is very sweet with the other sweethearts and will always makes sure that he get some cuddles of them. Joey is the big brother of our Happy Sisters and it was he who on a magical way conjured them into our live. It is he who let me know that things in life happen for a reason, it is he who warms my heart and shows that magic and miracles exist. Next to his very sweet and calm character he is also very funny, he is playful and can jump as a funny clown as he play. He love it to be the naughty big brother and jump on his little sisters haha! What is wonderful, that Joey his little sister Happy Face is the same as Joey, they have the same sweet special eyes and share also the beautiful sweet and calm character. I can tell so much about Joey, but I just love this sweetheart, he is very deep in my heart, he is a Angel for real and every day is a blessing that he is with us.

In January 2020 Joey developed a blood ear, not his whole ear was swollen, it was the top part of his ear. In consulation with our vet we decided to let his body repair this itself without surgery. We are happy that we had make that choice because his ear healed well, only a little part of the top of his ear is kinked but that is not a problem at all and if I am honnest, it give him a double cute look what fits him perfect.


Joey his mother is also the mother of  Happy FaceHappy ValentineHappy Easter & PandeMia 

Joey his grandfather is the father of Alexandra Mary & No Fear 

Joey his father is the grandfather of Princess Omnia & PandeMia 

Joey his great-grandfather is the father of Don Corleone 

Joey his other great-grandfather is also the great-grandfather of No Fear

Joey 15 months