King of my Heart

Simsalabim's Breaburn

Born 04-03-2017 in Germany

Mother: Sivkjær's Candelina

Father: Top Coon Evan

Black Blotched Tabby

Pedigree King of my Heart

"My crown is in my heart, not on my head, not deck'd with diamonds or Indian stones, nor to be soon. My crown is call'd content and loved, A unique crown it is, that seldom other Kings enjoy."

The sweetheart and unique boy who stole my heart! What can I say about this wonderful big boy, in my eyes he is perfect! With his first pictures it was already love at first sight, everytime as I saw his new pictures my heart jumps and jumps. He was looking as a giant between his brother and sister, he was born with a weight of 212 grams and every week he grows and grows on a very fast way. Everytime when I saw new pictures it was clear that he is for sure a unique boy in look and with his always shining smile. When I read that the breeder not hold him and that he was available I could not resist and sent the breeder direct a message! For me he is a unique boy, Yes he is beautiful but his character is also wonderful, as I take him in my arms he purring and cuddle my face, when I go to bed he is close to me. He is our biggest boy, not in weight but in body. His body is very long, his tail is amazing, so long. As kitten his ears where not so nice and very long but while growing up to be a big boy, his ears became more beautiful and now they are perfect in combination with his head and body. I love also his beautiful shiny full coat, soft as satin. His character is gold, he is very soft and a relaxed boy, best friends with all the other sweethearts, always sweet to kittens and is so gentle with them. His meow is very soft, something what you not expect as you see a big boy as him. Everyone who sees the King is immediately in love, I can fully understand that because he had stolen my heart from the first day and every day I falling again in love with him. He is my big special love and treasure, that I can see his wonderful smile everyday is a beautiful gift from heaven!


King his mother is also the mother of Lion King LeonidoPrince Amaro & Prince Faro 

King his grandmother is also the grandmother of Jon Snow

King his grandfather is also the grandfather of Jon Snow

King his great-great grandfather is the great-grandfather of Don Juan Samos & Dream like Madonna


The King 3 years