Vainquer Ziva

Born 25-08-2005 in Hungary

Passed Away in March 2011

Mother: Loytron Carmen

Father: Loytron Vili


My sweet, brave and very special girl Ziva. What a joy and pleasure this sweetheart has brought into my life. After a longer countdown there was the big day that Ziva came to me from Hungary. When I finally saw her in real life, it was immediately love that warmed my heart. When she met Graaf Dico, she was so happy with her big friend, although Dico was not immediately happy with her, but in her very sweet way she still won his heart and since that day they were always together. The first years of Ziva's life went without problems, an always cheerful girl who turned every day into a loving party.  Until she fell ill, I noticed that suddenly she did not want to eat anymore and Ziva who did not want to eat was not a good sign. She also sometimes screamed as if she were in pain. I visited the veterinarian with her and after research he spoke about a hernia. But I didn't have a good feeling about this, I couldn't imagine that this problem was caused by a hernia. The next day Ziva only got sicker, I called the vet's assistant, because I wanted further research but he told me that the painkillers should do his job. I got angry, when I say that something is wrong with my animal, they have to take this seriously, I felt and knew that there was more to it and that this was not a hernia. In the meantime it was already evening, but because Ziva became more and more sick I called another vet and I could go there immediately. Fortunately we now came to a very good vet who immediately took this very seriously. Blood was immediately sampled and blood values were immediately checked on a special machine. But the machine ran wild because Ziva's blood values were so bad and some values were far above average. Then the emergency bells began to ring. The veterinarian took a lot of time to examine, even called abroad to consult there and then the "Addison" diagnosis came. Ziva immediately had an intravenous drip and because there was no place that night in the university clinic where the specialists are present, she stayed that night with the vet. She had the best care, the vet had put a mattress on the floor and slept that night with Ziva, I found this so special and I will never forget it. The next morning we went straight to the university clinic with Ziva, where the specialists were already waiting for her. Immediately an intravenous drip was connected to her again and an ultrasound was made to see how her organs were now that she had an Addison crisis. Her heart had shrunk completely, the specialist said that if we hadn't gone to the vet for it that night, she would have died that night. It was the fluid the vet had given her that night and the medication that Ziva had saved her life. Because of this damage, she would keep her kidneys bothered forever and she would have to receive medication for Addison and kidney failure all her life. But she was saved and that was the most important thing! She spent a week at the animal hospital in a ward where she had 24/7 care and control. Every month we visited the clinic with Ziva, to have her blood and urine tested so that we had a check on the situation. I started to know and recognize Ziva her disease, she had weeks that it went very well and sometimes when there was a pressure or stress (positive or negative) I knew that I had to immediately increase the medication for a few days so that she would not get a crisis . Nevertheless, there were times when she had a crisis and then she had to be admitted for a few days, on the drip, after which she got better. What I will never forget is that she always remained brave and cheerful, everyone in the clinic was also in love with her because she admitted everything so lovingly and never complained or struggled. Despite her illness, she enjoyed her life to the full, always cheerful and always around me. When Dico died she was so sad, she missed him and felt my sadness very well. The stress caused a crisis again, which meant she had to be admitted to the clinic for a few days. After Dico's death, Ziva lived another 1 year and then she became so ill that nothing could save her. She was admitted to the clinic again, but this time the treatment didn't work and her kidneys didn't work either. We picked up Ziva, she was so sick that she could hardly stand anymore, I saw in her eyes that it was enough. We brought her home, there she came on my lap and the vet came to our house to let her quietly go to the Rainbow Bridge. In her familiar environment, in my arms, she went lovingly to her biggest friend Dico. And then the silence came, the house seemed cold and empty without her cheerfulness and love. This sweet special sweetheart has made an impression on many people, a positive impression and many will keep remembering her. The fact that I have been able to share with her for 6 years of my life was a wealth, she has given me and taught me so many beautiful things, despite her illness and many tears we have made many beautiful memories, which I will cherish forever and never forget.

Forever in my Heart my wonderful sweet girl and one day we are all together again!