Born on 15-08-2009 in Spain

Passed Away on 18-05-2022

Breed: Little Spitz

"Catch the falling Golden star and put it in your heart. Never let it fade away!"

My dearest, most beautiful and cheerful Cloudy, my love with a Golden heart and that is why I always called him Cloudje with his heart of Gold. His shiny coat turned like gold with glittering diamonds when the sun shone on it and it perfectly reflected his shining cheerful and above all very sweet nature. On 20 December 2011, Cloudy arrived by plane from Spain and he made it that it was the most wonder Christmas ever. I adopted him through a dog rescue foundation in Spain. We will never know exactly what our sweetheart went through the first 3 years of his life, but what we do know is that it has been terrible! I will never forget the day I waited at the airport for his arrival. The first look in his eyes when he entered the waiting room through the sliding doors was a special experience that still brings tears to my eyes. His cheerful brave appearance, it immediately made me fall in love and I felt that love every day for 10 years. My dancing clown, when he first got home he skipped around the living room like a happy sweetheart and immediately became great friends with Sammy and Deva. I expected a dog that would take a lot of time to gain trust and get used to, but with Cloudy this was definitely not the case, he was immediately at ease and acted as if he had been in my life for years. A dog without problems, very social with people and animals, even with the little hamster, he was friends. Because of this wonderful experience and his boundless love, Camila also came to us from Spain a few months later and this has been the best decision because these four dog musketeers were the best friends and matched so well. 10 years full of love, 10 years in which so many beautiful and precious memories were made, memories that will live in my heart forever because they are there like the most beautiful jewels in a treasure chest.

21 April 2022 was the black day in our live when we had to say goodbye to our Spanish Princess Camila. A vale of tears followed and when I spoke about it I also told how happy we were that Cloudy is still so healthy and will probably be with us for a long time. He was healthy, in the ten years that he was with us he has never been ill, not even now that he was older. And then came the terrible night on 18 May, less than a month after Camila's death. a drama happened that we still cannot comprehend. It was about 02:00 in the night when we suddenly heard Cloudy panting. At first we thought he might have to go outside so we left him in the garden, he peed there and then back inside. Once back in the living room it happened that suddenly 1 hind leg became paralyzed, soon his second hind leg followed and his eyes were suddenly very strange. It all happened so quickly. We laid him quietly on the couch, where it soon became apparent that he was no longer aware of what had happened. I cried and immediately realized that there was probably something wrong with his heart, Cloudy had already passed away before we could call the vet. My husband tried to resuscitate but without success. Despite the fact that it went so fast and we have seen everything happen and we know that he has not suffered, the image cannot be removed from our retinas. We were so powerless, I told him how much I love him, I repeated his name 10 times but still his life slipped through our fingers. It seemed like a horror movie where every minute felt like an hour. How powerless you are and you have absolutely no control over the situation and what is happening. Especially because it happened so fast, without any signs, it made me unbelievable! No matter how many times I checked and realized he was really dead my brain and heart just wouldn't believe it! We had not yet processed Camila's death and the second shock already followed. It is bizarre that 10 years ago these two sweethearts both came to us from Spain, both were the same age and that they now also in not yet 1 month of time have left us. It is a small comfort that they are now together again, but for us there is the emptiness, the tears and the enormous loss!

My sweetest Cloudy, my Cloudje met zijn hartje van Goudje! You were such a special being, I can tell endlessly about you and everything only positive and full of love. It is comforting that you have never suffered, never been sick, and even died safely in your home surrounded by love. Still, I won't be content that we have to miss you! But the gratitude is there, the gratitude that you were in my life, that I was allowed to enjoy you for so many years and that we made so many beautiful memories together. It was an honor to be your Mommy and your shining happy golden character will forever be in my heart and memories!

One day dear Cloudy, one day we will all be together again!