Mister Cupido

Kebab BillAndCoo

Born 04-05-2022 in Czech

Mother: Liwia Bystra

Father: X-Treme BillAndCoo

Cream Blotched Tabby Bicolour

Pedigree Mister Cupido

The reason why Kebab's page name on our site is "Mister Cupido" will probably become clear when you read his story. But we call him "Kebabsie" just because it sounds cute and he responds really well to it.

At the end of October 2022 I traveled again to our wonderful friend Sarka in Czech to pick up our two sweethearts  Miracle of Love & King of Magic and to spent some beautiful days together in Czech. And there was Kebabskie who already had my attention anyway because he could be the twin brother of our Sweet Vinzent. But Kebab was looked at me as if I was a scarecrow and quickly ran away as he saw me. Something that came with Kebab because apparently he wasn't much of a fan of strange people so petting him or getting his attention wouldn't happen. But than the next day there was suddenly Kebab, he was lying in the sun and his eyes caught my attention so I quietly walked to him and stroked his head and then it happened... He turned on his back, rubbed his head along my hand and started to purr. And I can say that this was actually the beginning of our special love. And since this happened, Kebab kept contacting me and I was able to hug him more and more often. The day before I was to leave for home, Kebab even came on my lap for a hug, I kissed his head and felt that there is something really special between him and me. And I actually got a little sick of the idea that I was going to leave and probably never see him again. When Sarka told me that it was special how Kebab reacted to me and that she had never seen this with him before, this was actually a confirmation of my feeling. There is something special between me and Kebab and how can I ignore it? We would go to Prague on the last evening for a boat tour and a nice dinner. But because one of Sarka's females could give birth at any moment, we had to change our plan and go a little closer to home. In retrospect it may have been the case that this happened because we were now home much earlier and if we had gone to Prague we would certainly have been home much later. And when we got home I hugged Kebab again and I felt it so deep in my heart, he looked at me and I thought, darling you belong to me! And so it happened that a conversation started between Sarka and me and we came to the wonderful decision that Kebab will also come with me, he chose me and there must be a magical reason that there is such a special connection between him and me is. Of course it wasn't planned at all, neither for me nor for Sarka so late in the evening we had to quickly get everything ready for his trip hahaha, this is a moment I will never forget and I'm sure Sarka and I will often laugh about this together when we think about it. Kebabskie, my wonderful sweet Cupid who has set his sights on me and with success! Now that he has been with us for a few days I can only say that I am so very happy that he is with us, I love him to the moon and back and the bond between him and me will be very special forever. 

Later I will complete Kebab's page with a description about him and his character here in Casa di Coontastic.


In the family line of Kebab his father is the father of Alexandra MaryPrincess Yamaha , No Fear & Winnipeg and this is the grandfather of Black JoeHappy FaceHappy ValentineHappy Easter & PandeMia. And this line is also in the family of Can-CanMiracle of Love & King of Magic 

Kebab his mother is also in the family line of No FearPrincess YamahaPandeMia & Can-Can

Kebab his grandfather is also the grandfather of Dreamboy Chicago

Far in the pedigree of Kebab his father is the grandfather of D'Amore FedericoEnchanting Angel and the great grandfather of Laguna SurpriseSamuray MerlinSpecial One SinatraPurr'Fect HeroFlash GordonSweet VinzentSweet Vancouver & Simple Obsession

Kebab almost 6 months