Mystic Crescent

Garden of Coons Mystic Crescent

Born 07-02-2014 in Belgium

Mother: Willemijn of Pooh's Diary

Father: DutchSweetloves Puss in Boots

Blue Tortie White

Pedigree Mystic Crescent

Mystic girly Mystic, my beautiful sweet tortie girl. When her mother was pregnant we visited the breeder because I was interested in a cream male out this combination. When the kittens are born, and I saw the first pictures of Mystic she stole my heart, she enchants me and I was totally in love. It was clear to me, she is destined to come live with me! I told the breeder about my love for Mystic but there was a breeder who had first choice for a female.. But the breeder did have realized I was really in love and they reserved Mystic for me. When the kittens are five weeks, we have been on the first visit, I had first choice for a male and we chose Savage Hunter and on that day was clear that the brother and sister are forever together. We visit the two sweethearts every two weeks and when they are 13 weeks they come with us to home. We also visit the breeder from Mystic her Daddy, where we have see many of her family and cuddle them. That was a very nice moment and I cherish that I have been able to see so much family of Mystic and Hunter in real. Mystic is my Angel, she is so very sweet and soft. When I go to bed she always comes running to me, it is her daily ritual to cuddle with me on bed and wash my arms and hands. Mystic has a very soft meow, sometimes she opened her mouth, but you hear the sound not. Mystic is a real tortie but certainly not in her character. She is a very sweet, quiet and gentle girl and every day I fall in love again when I look to her. Every morning when I make my coffee she comes to the kitchen and meow to me, than she running to my relaxing chair where I always drink my coffee. She is a big girl and I love her beautiful look and strong body. Mystic is my beautiful sweet Angel and special Dream Girl, I love her to the moon and back!


Mystic her father and mother are also the father and mother of Savage Hunter 

Mystic her grandfather is also the grandfather of Inanna Aruba

Mystic 5 years