Happy Valentine

Happy Valentine BillAndCoo

Born 29-08-2019 in Czech

Mother: Pocahontas BillAndCoo

Father: U've Got IT BillAndCoo

Black Tortie Ticked Tabby White

Pedigree Happy Valentine

Happy Valentine aka Walinka, her name fits her perfect because when I saw her first pictures my heart was in Fire of Love! For me this girl is perfect in all points and every time when I saw new pictures of her she was more and more beautiful! From the first moment she was one of my favorites in this litter. So, it was a big happy day when I was allowed to make my choice and the breeder entrusted me with this dream angel and her sisters. She is from the same mother as our sweetheart Black Joe and the little niece of Alexandra Mary. Wallie so as we call her is a very sweet and playful girl, she loves it to run with the others into the whole house but when it is enough than she likes it to sleep in 1 of the sleeping holes in the playroom. She love it also to sleep close together with the other sweethearts and she enjoy it a lot as they wash her. She knows very well what she wants, if one of our big boys plays too hard with her, she let hear them loud that she doesn't like it haha! She is funny and sweet on the same time and as she hear her name she comes happy with her tail high in the air and let hear me a sweet meow. She loves the ball toy there she can play a long time together with her brother Joey. She is a affectionate and happy girl and her looks are so beautiful. I love her deep red tortie color, for me she is real dreamgirl in all points! 


 Wallie her mother is also the mother of Black JoeHappy FaceHappy Easter & PandeMia 

 Wallie her grandmother is the mother of Alexandra Mary

 Wallie her great-grandfather is the father of Black Joe and the grandfather of Princess Omnia & PandeMia

 Wallie her grandfather is the father of Alexandra Mary & No Fear 

 Wallie her great-grandfather is the father of Don Corleone


Happy Valentine almost 11 months