Graaf Dico v. Zeelands Glorie

Born 29-08-2001 in The Netherlands

Passed Away 02-03-2010

Mother: Gravin Demi v.h. Molenhof Maltia

Father: Graaf Vito v. Neêrlands Stam


My most special sweetheart Dico! My first own dog and I was so happy when he chose me in a special way! I had searched for Dobermann breeders and found one that was very close to me. My first visit felt very good right away, a loving breeder who only had 1 female she had a litter of puppies once a year. Now I had to wait until the puppies were born and I will never forget the beautiful day that I got a phone call with the good news that on 29-08-2001 the puppies where born. I actually wanted a black and tan female but when I went on my first cuddle visit it was Dico who chose me. He barked at me all the time and got my attention every time, I was enchanted and so the choice was made that he would be my sweetheart! A few weeks of many cuddle visits followed and then came the big day that he was allowed to move with me. Where you saw me there you also saw Dico, we did everything together and he was never alone at home, I always took him everywhere. My soulmate and very social sweet boy. 4 years we shared life together and then he got his Dobermann Princess Ziva who came to live with us. And was he happy with that? No not at all! He didn't want to look at me for days, didn't come to me when I called him and completely ignored me. Angry because he had to share me now. But luckily this soon changed and he became himself again, my cuddly bear who became inseparable with his Princess Ziva. How much I shared with my special sweetheart, 8 years we were always together, we shared so many beautiful things but he also gave me comfort when I was sad.  Even in the difficult period what we had with Ziva when she was so sick, he was a big support for me and for Ziva. One day I discovered that there was a bump on Dico's head, Because we were often in a large animal hospital with Ziva where many specialists work, I decided to let this investigated. That same day I received the worst message I could have imagined. Dico had bone cancer, a form of cancer that cannot be treated or cured because it was present on his head near his brain, so surgery was not an option either. And then came the months in which we started to enjoy even more, enjoy a lot every day! Many beautiful walks and lots of good food, because he loved that! Months in which he enjoyed so much without pain and without needing medication. Until the day when Dico lost his balance as he walked up the stairs, he fell down. Fortunately no injuries but a bad sign. The tumor had grown and now pressed on his brain, so he lost his balance at times.And this was the moment for me, Dico deserved a farewell without pain and no suffering. I took two days to say goodbye to him together with Ziva in a loving way, we made a nice long walk in the sun, hugged a lot, I told him 10000x how much I love him and we have ate many tasty things. And then it was time for Dico to go to the Rainbow Bridge. The vet came home, Dico was happy and cheerful, as he always was. Surrounded with love and enjoying a cookie, he fell asleep peacefully. What a sadness, my heart was broken and I could only cry for days and weeks while I kept my face pressed in the warm fur of my Ziva. I still miss Dico for years now, but I know he is with us, I still feel his love in my heart every day. Animals leave paw prints on the heart, that's absolutely true! And one day I will follow his paw prints and then we see each other again with all our love back together!