10. mei, 2021

Coontastic Update

Now that I am starting this "blog" I suddenly realize that we are already almost halfway through 2021 and that this is my first blog. Recently I updated all of our sweethearts' personal pages with a new header photo and avatar, and I am also working on adding some new information to their pages and updating the site as well.

I haven't been doing so much on the site this year, I haven't had easy months, recently we lost two of our wonderful sweethearts Savage Hunter and Precious Firebird, losing 2 furry children in 3 months time is very hard and it needs a lot of time to give this a place in heart and mind. In addition, it is not an easy time all over the world because of the Covid-19, my husband and I are lucky that we have not yet been affected personally or in our family, but of course we do experience inconveniences from the strict rules and lockdown.

Despite all this, the sun is literally starting to shine, summer is coming and we also have some great things in store. We are also very busy at home, we are restyling the playroom and are busy finishing the second catrun in the garden.

One thing is for sure, our Coontastic life is never boring and I love it!