Dreamboy Chicago

Chicago of Tree Hill

Born 08-06-2018 in Belgium

Mother: Amibial Lilly

Father: NoName Extreme

Black Blotched Tabby White

Pedigree Dreamboy Chicago

"I'm a dreamer, I have to dream and reach for the stars and if I miss a star then I grab a handful of clouds."

Chicago our sweet big cuddle bear! That he would come to Casa di Coontastic was not the first plan. The day we visited our Big Fighter at the breeder, I saw a very small brave kitten with big eyes looking at me. I was immediately enchanted, felt something very special. During our visit the kitten just kept hanging around me and getting my attention. He was so small, he always walked bravely with his short legs to me and when I picked him up he really showed a smile. I immediately fell in love and felt that this kitten was special, we asked the breeder or we could reserve him and we gave him the name Cupido. A few weeks later, the worst thing we could think of happened. We received a message from the breeder that Cupido was very ill and that he was passed away. I have cry , because he was for sure very special, a Angel and it was so unfair of the nature to take him away. Because we did not want that Fighter move to us without a friend we decided to reserve Cupid's brother (same litter). And so the moment came that Chicago was enchanted in our live and his special brother Cupido lives a little in him. Chicago is a very sweet boy and he is very close with Fighter, real soulmates for life! He is very soft, friendly and a real cuddle bear. Besides his wonderful character, he is very beautiful, I love his color with his beautiful brown on his nose and strong muzzle. He has a wonderful strong body and I love his beautiful brown eyes! Chicago can be also a little naughty sometimes, than he love it to tease some of the females and runs behind them, a puberty thing haha! Chicago love it to hunt on us as we are in bed, he wait and wait until he see a hand or feet move under the blanket and than he jumps. He goes crazy when he sees that I have a toy stick and then I have to keep a good eye on my hands before there will be some nails in it because then he only has eyes for the toy. Chicago can really be a clown and he has found his best friend in Don Corleone. They love each other, play a lot together, romp, do mischief and sleep close together. Chicago his coat is immense, he have a very long, full and thick coat, his coat makes tangles quickly on his belly and by his legs, so his coat needs a little extra care. I love my sweet dreamboy and I am very happy that he is with us and that he reminds me his special little brother Cupido.


Chicago his father is the grandfather of Epic Boy

Chicago his great-grandfather is also in the family line of Princess Omnia

Chicago 2,5 years