Alexandra Mary

Alexandra Mary BillAndCoo

Born 25-12-2018 in Czech

Mother: Narnia by Imagine Glamour

Father: Galliano by Imagine Glamour

Black Tortie Ticked Tabby Bicolour

Pedigree Alexandra Mary

Alinka (Allie) is for sure a Christmas Angel because she is born on Christmas day! It was not planned that she comes in our life. On a evening I had a chat with her breeder our special friend and unexpected comes there Alinka as a big surprise! Unexpected yes, but she is so so welcome, she is extra special because she is the big aunt of our Happy sisters and we are so grateful that we have had the opportunity to have her with us and that the breeder entrusted this Christmas miracle to us. She comes to us together with the happy sisters and Alinka was then 11 months young. She is my big and special love! When I look at her I feel so much love and her trust in me warms my heart. She is a wonderful aunt for the happy sisters, she takes care of them as a mommy and learn them so much wonderful things. Alinka is special in all ways what makes it for me double thankful that she is with us. She is very playful and as she found a toy with feathers than she hide it in the cat toilet hahaha! She likes to talk and has many different sounds that she makes, she can comes in the middle of the night to the bedroom for talking, than she will some cuddles and is she happy. She loves wetfood, as she see that we makes it than she makes loud sounds and is with her tail high in the air. She takes all to her mouth, especialy toys and as she have it she walks proud in the whole house and meow very loud. Before she was with us the breeder told that Alinka is a perfect group cat, and she was right, she is very sweet to all the other sweethearts and is every day full of happiness between them. For me her look is very special, a unique girl with a beautiful muzzle to kiss. I love her to the moon and back, every day I falling in love again with her and I have not enough words to tell how thankful I am that she is with us!


Alinka her father is also the father of No Fear 

Alinka her father is the grandfather of Black JoeHappy FaceHappy ValentineHappy Easter & PandeMia 

Alinka her mother is the grandmother of  Happy FaceHappy Valentine & Happy Easter

Alinka 1,5 years