Nestor Wolf

Born 06-05-2012 in the Netherlands

Mother: Akita Allow Ardency

Father: Unknown

Blue Tabby

"And then through this love you knew .. It's time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings!"

Wolf is our first member of the Coontastic Family, so he is the oldest and the Nestor. For us he is very special because with him our big love for the Maine Coon began. Wolf is our only sweetheart without pedigree. I was active on a dog forum and make there friends with a very nice couple. On a day I read that their Maine Coon was escaped, the same day she was back home, so a happy ending. But a little time later it became clear that she was pregnant. I am very happy that this nice couple took responsibility and Wolf was born in a wonderful and loving environment. It was not a big litter, 3 kittens, 2 females and than Wolf. When I saw pictures of the kittens I was in love. When they where a little older I was visit Wolf and it was soon clear that he would come and live with us. Although he was not planned, was not born in a cattery, he got the best start of his life. I can even say that many breeders can still take an example of how these people took care of the kittens! Wolf grew up very lovingly with them in the first months, until 17 weeks he stayed with his mother and sisters, received all necessary vaccinations, deworming and the best food, including raw meat. We are very grateful for this, because it makes Wolf a great sweetheart with a very sweet and social character. We are very proud on him that he always welcoming the new Coontastic family members in a sweet way and immediately loved them.

What can we say about Wolf, he is a sweet and calm boy, big friends with the dogs because the first year he was the only cat between our dogs. He is very affectionate, when he see us he meows very loud with a funny high sound like a mouse. He love it to be on our lap and can cuddle with us for hours and hours.

He has a beautiful thick coat that always shines and he can look in to your heart with his beautiful big round eyes. He is a soft boy in character, he is a boy what all do on a easy way and I can not say that he every had do something naughty or stupid. He gets along well with all the sweethearts, only with Gordon there is a matcho thing, then they challenge each other but luckily this is only challenging or bullying and they will certainly never fight. Wolf is certainly not shy, when we have visitors he is always around them and he loves my father very much, when he is visiting us than Wolf is always on his lap.

My sweet Wollie the Wolf as I always call him, I will be grateful for him all my life, because he is the reason that so many furry miracles have come into my life, he is the reason and the start of our Coontastic life.

Wolf 6,5 years