Savage Hunter

Garden of Coons Savage Hunter

Born 07-02-2014 in Belgium

Passed Away on 03-11-2020

Mother: Willemijn of Pooh's Diary

Father: DutchSweetloves Puss in Boots

Cream Blotched Tabby

Pedigree Savage Hunter

Hunter is my beautiful big Lion, he is the biggest (in weight) of all the Coontastic sweethearts. My dream was a big cream boy, when I saw a beautiful combination from a breeder and the message that the cat was pregnant we visited the breeder to see the cats and the cattery. After that it was countdown to the birth. Three cream boys were born and the others where females. We had first choice for a boy and when the kittens were five weeks we visit again the breeder for cuddle the kittens and make our choice. I was in the first five weeks that we are waiting for our cuddle visit all the time in love with Hunter every time when we get new pictures. During our visit the three brothers looked so much alike that I didn't know who Hunter was. So it was a big surprise when I made my choice with my feeling that our chosen sweetheart was also Hunter, perhaps destined. The same day we also chose his sister Mystic Crescent and I am so happy that they are the forever together brother and sister. We visit the sweethearts every 2 weeks and with 13 weeks they where home. We also visit the breeder from Hunter his Daddy, where we have see many of Hunter's family and cuddle them. That was a very nice moment and I cherish that I have been able to see so much family of him in real. Hunter is a sweet big teddy bear, he has a very sweet soft meow. He comes several times a day run to me, jump on my lap, meows and wants to cuddle and then he moves with his big paws like kittens do when they drink by the mother. He is definitely a dream come true and his sweet nature makes every day a loving party. He is a calm boy with a wonderful soft character, he do it all on a relaxing way. When we served the raw meat with wetfood he is direct with us, he love food and cat candy.

When Hunter was around the 1,5 years he had problems with 1 of his hips. He had difficult walking with 1 behind leg and did not jump anymore. We visited our vet and made X-rays and it turned out that Hunter's hip was not good (epiphysiolysis). Hunter have had an operation and they removed his hip head, fortunately he has recovered well although he does have a different walk.

In 2019 Hunter got problems with his ear, his ear cup filled with blood and was very swollen. Hunter was then operated on his ear and after a long recovery the vet could removed the stitches. Luckily his ear was well healed but now he has a hanging ear. But even with a floppy ear he is our big sweet lion and we  love him to the moon and back. We hope to enjoy all his cuddles and love for many years to come.


Hunter his father and mother are also the father and mother of Mystic Crescent 

Hunter his grandfather is also the grandfather of Inanna Aruba

Hunter 4,5 year

Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high
There's a land that I heard of once in a lullaby
Somewhere over the rainbow skies are blue
Clouds high over the rainbow
Makes all your dreams come true
Someday I'll wish upon a star
Wake up where the clouds are far behind me
Where trouble melts like lemon drops
High above the chimney top
That's where you'll find me!
Garden of Coons Savage Hunter
07-02-2014 † 03-11-2020
And now,
Now you shine your love
High, high in the sky
The most beautiful star
Fly, fly my beautiful Angel,
Fly without fear
And shine, shine every night
The most beautiful light
So that I can meet you,
Meet you in our dreams
And one day
One day I fly together
Together with you
My big sweet lion !! Why, why did this happen? I can't find answers, just pain and a torrent of tears. The morning started as always, the cheerful fluffy tails high in the air at the wet food breakfast. Then the opening of the cat run, because we have closed it now that it is colder in the evening and at night. Cheerful crowds of all the fluffy sweethearts that like to enter the cat run. Nothing to worry about, no pain or worry, just a morning as usual. I clean the cat toilets, drink my coffee and take some pictures of all your friends. Nothing to worry about, a beautiful morning, as always, full of love and joy. Until the moment I go into the cat run ... I see it right away, you lie there on the ground, like you sleep, but you would never sleep there and that makes my heart break. Panic, I'm trying to wake you up, your body still warm, I'll grab your head but life is gone, you're weak. I fall to my knees next to you, crying and screaming your name! Hunter, my Hunter, wake up baby, you can't be dead, this can't, this can't be !!! I open your mouth and through all my tears I see that your tongue is blue purple. You are dead the way you lie on the floor on the way to the window to look out or to go to the litter box, it shows you didn't feel this coming either. For you this was also a morning as always, without pain and without worries, you happily went to the cat run and then suddenly during your walk your heart stopped. No pain, no panic, the peaceful look on your beautiful head as if you are in a satisfied sleep shows that this has happened very quickly. But how can I be at peace with this? No pain for you, that's a comfort, but my darling anyway, you are much too young, we had to share so many beautiful years together, make so many more beautiful memories to complete our book of love. I can't miss your beautiful big body on my lap, how you happily let out your beautiful meow every night while kicking your big paws on my lap. Oh my sweetheart! I love you so much, how can I let you go, it is impossible for me!! My heart is broken, the silence is deafening, my head is in pain, my eyes are red and my cheeks are wet with tears. There will be so many words, but not one word will take away my pain and sorrow. This should not have happened, you should have been with me for so many more years, together with your sweet sister Mystic and all your wonderful friends.
My great love, you were born for me and we have always felt that together. Taking you to the crematorium tomorrow and having to let go your body out of my arms is the hardest part. A big part of my heart has died with you and I will never get it back! My love, my great love, you were so very sweet, so gentle, I cherish all the beautiful moments we shared together. I must let go tomorrow your body, but our memories will stay alive in my heart and mind forever and your urn get a warm place in our home.
I felt you with my hand on your mother's pregnant belly. I saw you being born through videos and we came to cuddle you every two weeks in the first 3 months of your life. The most beautiful day was the day we brought you and your sister home. I chose you and your sister with my heart and my heart my big love Hunter there you will stay forever and your sister Mystic will keep you alive with us every day with her kisses.
My big friendly lion, fly high and I'm sure your friends Sinatra, Pablo and Maggie are waiting for you at Rainbow Bridge, you won't be alone! Goodbye my love, it was an honor to be your Mommy and to hold your big beautiful body every day. My God I'm going to miss you so much!!